Time to Catch My Breath

Sorry I haven’t written but I’ve been busy. I used to get letters like that when I was younger. It didn’t make me feel very important. It’s been a very busy week with wrestling. I haven’t been to the box for about three weeks now and I’m getting fat. I’ve still been running strength and conditioning workouts for the wrestlers in the morning but haven’t done much there either. I did spend about 40 minutes wrestling the other day and that didn’t feel too bad. So let’s talk about what is going on.

Since I last wrote in my blog I have been having pain and tenderness on the top of my kneecaps. They would act weak when I would do air squats or even just getting up off the mat when coaching. At first I didn’t think much of it but it just kept getting worse. I did some investigation and it turns out (self-diagnosis) that I think I have quadriceps tendonitis. After doing some research on the ailment and not getting very far I decided to go to www.mobilitywod.com by Kelly Starrett, DPT. He did this video on pain and stiffness on the knee. You take a ball and smash the tendons to loosen them up. After a few days I’m starting to feel some relief. I did some front squats on Thursday and although I didn’t get to my PR I did get close on a 2 rep series. I’ll still keep a lighter work out than normal for the next few days but I will be going back to his site to get more great tips on other ailment relief.

On the 13th and 14th we had split squad tournaments. Coach White took 8 of our best boys to Huntington Beach for the Five Counties Tournament. This tournament has had the reputation of being the toughest in the State and many out of state teams attend. Most of the boys got into the third or fourth round and we even had one win the Tournament. He had not been ranked in the State and is now ranked fourth. He is only a junior and I see good things happening for him. In California we have an all-state championship, only one of a few that do in the nation. That means if you place high enough in state it will have been out of 3,000 to 4,000 kids in your weight class: A phenomenal feat by any standard.

That same weekend is the girl’s toughest tournament in the State, the Asics Vintage Tournament in Napa. I took three of our girls to the tournament to get some tough competition. Adrienne is a first year wrestling senior so she doesn’t have much technique but she does have a lot of heart. Too bad I couldn’t get her when she was a freshman. She went 2-2 and was kind of shafted in here last losing effort. She had thrown an out of bounds takedown but didn’t get the call. Juliana is the number one ranked girl in the state and is currently ranked 6th nationally. She had some good matched but really didn’t have any tough competition. She took first in the tournament at 189’s. My daughter hasn’t been ranked or even received an honorable mention this year and has done a great job. She finished 3rd in the tournament losing only to the second ranked girl in the state in the semi-finals. She went down early in the match 1-2 but came back to a 7-5 lead in the third round. She then committed a technical violation which resulted in the other girl getting an escape setting the score at 7-7 with 30 seconds left. She gave up a takedown in those final seconds and lost the match 9-7 but it was a wild one. She is looking for a rematch. I have a feeling that she could catapult to the number 4 rank position in the State.

Time to get some rest I have strength and conditioning in the morning. It’s not superhuman strength, its old man strength.

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