I’m Baaaaaccckkkk

It’s the last week of wrestling. The Girl’s State championships were last weekend and we had one State Champ and one 5th place winner. Our two girl team finished 6th out of 169 teams. That last little fact cracks me up every time I think about it. Many of the teams bring many girls to State tournament yet our little two girl team always finishes in the top ten. Boy’s State is this weekend. We have one qualifier. He had some pretty tough matches at Master’s but still overcame his opponents and won the Master’s tournament. This kid is only a junior and has a chance to be in the finals. Since his father helps out the team and drives to tournaments during the year we let him coach on the floor and I get to be the local newspaper photographer. I have fun doing that.

Today was the first day back at the box. I did strength and conditioning in the morning with our State qualifier. I had him do a tougher WOD and I lightened my up. Since I wasn’t going in the room for only one wrestler I decided to go to the box for the first time in about two months. I have been spending a lot of time doing the mobility WOD’s I found on Kelly Starrett’s website for the past month so I was curious to find out how my performance would pan out.

The warm up was a 400m run, and then two sets of 10 dislocates, 20m walking lunges, 10 gliding kips, 10 ring rows and 10 wall balls. I did everything and after the gliding kips I knew I better take it easy on the shoulders. The WOD was 3 sets of 7 muscle ups and 21 thrusters. Knowing my limitations I went with a modified version of 7 pull ups with a band and then 7 box dips with some support to not let my shoulders blow out. That dip movement really kills my shoulders. For the thrusters I used 65 lbs rather than the 95 as prescribed. After all I haven’t been doing this stuff for the last two months. I finished all of that in 16:20 something, I don’t even remember, I wasn’t paying attention at that point. I was just glad it was done. With the exception of the shoulders everything felt fine and I had pretty decent movement. And even the shoulders weren’t that bad.

Earlier that morning with my wrestler I ran 300m and then did 2 sets of 10 box jumps, 10 med ball slams, 10 reverse pull ups (we do these because we don’t have rings at the school) and then 10 air squats. I finished it off with 3 sets of 12 deadlifts at 185 lbs.

Although I didn’t let the testosterone control the workouts (Really, at my age I need to reserve that testosterone), I focused on quality rather than heavy for my first day out in several weeks. With the championship season I had laid off of working out with the wrestlers so I haven’t got a lot of work in these past few weeks. I can certainly tell a difference from not attending. This week will be kind of light also because of Boy’s State this weekend but it’s the last week of the season and then I’m retiring.

Well not so fast, although I won’t be in the room on an everyday basis I have been asked to run the strength and conditioning program next year. There has also been talk of doing it for football too. One hour a day, three days a week, for 7 or 8 months and full access to the gym? I can do that because…. It’s not superhuman strength, its old man strength.

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