Bigger and Better?

Last week I made three days of WOD’s. I had expected to make a 4th but let’s recap, shall we?

On Monday I started out with an 800 m run followed by 2 rounds of 10m knees to chest, 10 m burpee broad jump, 7 ring rows, 7 OHS with PVC, 7 lateral box jumps and 7 back extensions. The WOD of the day was 3-3-3-3-3 bench press then 21-15-9 reps of cleans and grasshoppers. I was a little cautious about the bench presses and took them easy. I started with a few warm ups with the bar only and added 20 lbs. I started counting at 95 and then my successive sets were 105,115,125 and I finished off with 135. The shoulders didn’t give me too much trouble and I didn’t seem to exacerbate the problems with them. For the cleans I used 95 lbs and finished the sets in 6:06. The Rx was 135 lbs and I probably should have gone with the 135 rather than the 95. The lifting part was a breeze and my time reflected that. I guess it is better to be safe than sorry, I’ve been out for almost 2 months.

On Wednesday, the WOD was one of those grab bag days, a heavy gymnastic day. The warm ups started with a 350m row then 2 rounds of 10m lateral kettle bell swings, 10m kettle bell pass through lunges, 7 goblet squats and 10 dislocates. The WOD was as many rounds a possible in 20 minutes of 18 box jumps, 15 toes to bar, and 12 pull ups. This WOD was not kind to a short stocky old man. I tried the toes to bar and it was wrecking the shoulders so I went to a floor version. The pull ups I went with a blue band. I finished with 4 rounds plus 12.

Friday I reached my pain threshold. The warm ups was a jump rope cycle of 100-80-60-40 single unders and in between we did 10 wall balls, 10 pushups and 10 back extensions. The second round omitted the jumping. Then we did the Zercher squats, 5-5-5-5-5. That was to be followed by 50m overhead lunge walk with 45lbs and then a 1 mile run. Seemed simple enough. I started with 95 on the Zercher’s and then 125 for warm ups. I started my count at 135 lbs with Buddy recommending that I not bounce in the squat. He suggested I hold then power up for the full effect. He then told me the weight was too light. Then I did 165, 185, 205 and finished with 235 lbs. Granted I probably could have gone higher but prudence suggested not. I then attempted the 50 meter overheads with the 45 lb plate but it proved too much for the shoulders. I then switched to the 25 lb plate and did the last 40 meters. As I was doing the lunges my lower back was pushing an extended arch in order to provide some protection for the shoulders. I was in pain but I tried to plug my way through. I got out the door for the mile and had to walk my lower back was so tight. I had to stop several times to stretch the lower back and ended up walking for about 600 meters. I could not go any further. I finished and rushed home and laid on a bag of ice for almost an hour before I got up to go back to doing some work. I have had lower back issues for several weeks now and this just set it off.

As I write this post on Sunday, I have just returned from doing a little construction surveying for the high school’s new athletic field and after standing for about 2 hours my back is still aching. The other sad fact that this morning I stepped on the scale and have regained all of the weight I lost previously. It seems that about 7 lbs of it just this week. I wouldn’t believe that I could have lost that much muscle in just two months but that’s another story.

I have much work ahead,… again. It’s not just superhuman strength, its old man strength.

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