How Have You Been, I’m Better Now.

My last post was on March 11th, although I had continued to crossfit for another month, it finally came crashing down on me toward the end of April. My lower back had been bothering me, I suppose from the four months of crossfit, weight training with the wrestlers and wrestling, and it finally went out. I was in debilitating pain for two months and then I added another two months rest for safe measure. Today, I returned to Crossfit for the first time in four months.

I’m going to be taking is real slow for a while until I build my strength back up but it was good to be back at it. Even before Crossfit came into my life I had always done some type of physical activity but never with any consistency. I would work for a few months, then a month off, and then I would be on to something different for a few more months and repeat the cycle over and over. There was some apprehension in coming back today as I always have a tendency to want to overdo it, damn male hormones (well what’s left that is). I played it safe today and only did 3/5th of the WOD. Hell, I was tired after the warm ups.

Because of the injury I did miss the veteran national wrestling tournament and I also missed the California Powerlifting championships that I wanted to compete in. If I keep healthy this time and don’t push too hard too fast I should be able to compete in the next tournaments. You never have to give up on the dreams, just postpone them a while.

I’m sure that I’m going to feel this workout today given my laziness for the last few months but I’ll take the weekend off except for a few light walks and be ready to hit it Monday. I’ll keep it light and build up to my last strength level. That is, if my testosterone (what little is left) doesn’t leak into my brain and spoil it all.

Is good to be back, not because it’s superhuman strength, it’s just old man strength.

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