Just in time for Spring

March 23, 2013

Where has the time gone? I last updated the blog on August 24th 2012 when I felt I had recovered from a low back injury and was going to take it easy to rehab. Yeah, right. After I started back I was working out at the University Recreation and Wellness Center (RAW, I love that acronym) two days a week and then did crossfit WOD’s two days a week. By December the testosterone had leaked back into my brain making me think I was more powerful than I really was which in short time, aggravated the back injury again. I finally had to make the decision I dreaded. I had to stop crossfit until I could get my money’s worth.

Since January, I haven’t done a crossfit WOD but I have spent time at the RAW center gym. I go in for two days a week. I do a long extended workout of some cardio exercise: bike, elliptical, stair stepper and the like. I do one lift a day such squats or cleans, although no snatches. On one more day a week I go on a long walk, 40 to 60 minutes. I even did a 3 hour stent one day. Sometime the lifts do bother me even though I am lifting light weights, well they are light for me and I should probably be going lighter for injury protection. It’s not been the most exciting but I have resigned myself to this limited activity. The excitement level has dropped off the scale when not doing crossfit but I have always done something every week in the past so I have plugged away whether I wanted to or not.

I have been watching the Crossfit Games these past few weeks. My son is participating. He is an instructor at Crossfit NRG in Salt Lake City. So if you are out and about stop by and say hi. Along with him I have a few more friends participating and doing well. One friend is in the top 25 worldwide, GREAT EFFORT!

There are also the NCAA D1 wrestling championships happening with the final up at 5:00pm PDT. This is always a great event. I had informed everyone I was retiring from coaching this last year but still caved into the requests for helping. I did the strength and conditioning two days a week and took the girls to their tournaments. I enjoyed going and seeing friends, just glad I didn’t have to go in to the room every day.

As for getting medical attention for my ailments, I have that on my shopping list. Work is picking up and I’m thinking that I might be able to afford medical insurance. I have been inquiring with agents and nobody seems to know what is going on with Obamacare. Since I was out priced two years ago because of the Affordable Healthcare Act, things have only gotten worse. Prices are up another 25% and are expected to raise to 203% of the levels prior to the passing of the act. This appears to be a major FAIL. I’m starting to get pissed off because I need some surgery. I want to get back to working out properly.

I’ve found the strength to continue working as I can and I’ll find the strength to endure the stupidity of those who are so called “serving the people in Washington”, why?, because it’s not superhuman strength, it’s just old man strength.

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